Thursday, March 31, 2011

March 31

It has been such a blessing and joy to be back in Haiti. It's amazing how a place with so much poverty and destruction can bring so much joy. I'm continually reminded of how blessed I am.

Today was a day that was filled with so many emotions . As Fanfan says, “God is so good!”

We started off our day heading out to Titanyen, where Grace Village is being built. On the way there we stopped at the mass grave site where the people who died in the earthquake are buried. It was a sad and so real reminder of the devastation that occurred on January 12th. While there I noticed a butterfly flying around and it reminded me of how our Heavenly Father sent His one and Only Son to die for us and to save us. It gave me joy to think about the many people that are now with Him in Heavenly and I can only hope that most of those who died had Jesus in their hearts.
We continued onto Titanyen where we were blessed with the site of the amazing work that has been done on the orphanage and feeding center. I was shocked at all that has been done since I was last there in June. God is so good!
After Titanyen we stopped by Jean Garry’s school. It was so great to see so many kids in the school. He said they had about 400 students! God is so good! The classrooms that the students were in were so small and as a teacher I can imagine how hard it would be to keep all the students focused and not playing with each other. But here it is amazing to see how well behaved the students are. They really value their education and is so great to see.
Then we went to Gilluame’s Orphanage where we were able to do a little bible lesson with the kids and talk to them about how God provides for His people. Then we spent the afternoon coloring crosses and loving on the children. I think they give us more love than we could ever give them.
Tonight we went to Fanfan’s bible study. Witnessing their passion for God while praying and worshiping brought a smile to my face. Fanfan gave a great message about giving our problems to God and how He will take care of us; we just need to be still and call upon the Lord. Worshiping tonight with the Haitians made me think about how amazing it is that we all worship the same God even though we are in different countries. God is so good!
It was a perfect day in Haiti today. I am so blessed and fortunate to be able to back. God is so good.
*Sorry I couldn't upload photos..maybe later

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