Wednesday, July 20, 2011


What a great day to be back in Haiti! It seems the week is going by so fast, I just want to slow it down and savor every minute. I love being back in this place; the people, the smells, the mountains, everything is just so beautiful to me.

Today we went to the hospital for sick and dying children. I spent the morning holding lots of children. They seemed to be more content today and cried less when I put them back in their cribs. I don't know why this was maybe less of them are sick or maybe they have had more volunteers lately and the kids are less lonely. Whatever it is it made me happy they are more content. It was so fun to see the dads visiting with the kids and loving them this morning. One dad was having such a hard time leaving his little girl because when he went to leave she just kept crying, so I offered to take her. He seemed relieved because she stopped crying. After he left one of the helpers said he was there every day and always has a tough time leaving. It was cute to see him so caring and loving towards his little girl.

Over Lunch we went to Gertrude's an orphanage for special needs Children. It was fun to go back and see the same kids we saw just a few months back. What a blessing Gertrude is to take in all these orphans with special needs and care for them.

This afternoon when we went back to the hospital for the sick and dying, I picked up a little girl who I couldn't quite put down. She wanted me all to herself, so I spent the afternoon cuddling with her. I couldn't quite get her to smile she just wanted to sit with me and be loved, UNTIL we found the swing. Seeing her little face light up when I pushed her in the swing brought me so much joy! It was so fun to watch all the children come alive after we had been there for a while and spent time loving them. The little boys and girls who just couldn't quite follow the rules and just kept getting in trouble was so much fun to see....reminding me they are just kids just like every other kid.

On the walk home it was so great to just be... in Haiti and experience life with the Haitian people; Soccer games being played in the street, people getting water, hanging out with friends and family cooking dinner. Walking on the familiar path back to the guest house it just felt like home a place where I am totally at peace with the world around me. I know when I am here I am called to love and that is all I have to do. Loving the Haitian people is so much a part of who I am now that I can't imagine life without this place.