Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Great to be back...

Today was a great day in Haiti.! I am so excited to be back… it seems like I have been waiting for so long to come back to this amazing place.
Today we wnt on the water truck and delivered water to the Haitian people in Cite Soliel. We rode on the outside of the truck. What a great expirience...At first it seemed dangerous, but after riding for a little while it seemed totally normal-Haitian style…don’t worry they drive safe for us! Riding outside is such a great way to experience Haiti; I can’t believe I missed this experience last time. You can feel the wind in your hair; see everything going on around you and the many different smalls of the city.We made three stops; Soliel 17, Belekou, El Nan Borojet. We took a walk down by the ocean with the kids at Soliel 17.We prayed for them and sang Glory to God with them in Creole. Fanfan has such a great way with the kids getting them all excited to sing.

It was so great to be back and love the children they are so sweet! So great to see their smiling little faces! What joy they bring!!

I feel so hopeful being back here and seeing all the progress that has been made in a year. The Haitian people seem hopeful too; people are out in the street selling and making things, working on the buildings and streets. I wonder if surviving another earthquake season gave them hope or the hope that comes with the election? Maybe thier faith in God and his protection has been restored with time and healing after the earthquake....Whatever the reason I am happy to see their hope has been restored.

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